Housing Improvement Program

OHDC’s Home Improvement Programs provide grants to eligible property owners for necessary repairs to eliminate health and safety hazards in their homes as in roofs, windows, furnaces, etc. The program also offers up accessibility modifications to address the needs of the disabled and/or elderly households. OHDC applies for grants through Federal and State money. To participate in these Programs, the household must meet the income and property eligibility guidelines. The homeowner will also be required to contribute a percentage towards the total rehab cost. There is a lien that may consist of 5-10- year period of the grant that applies. OHDC will discuss further details with homeowner at the time of services.

2016-2017 Income Guidelines Annual income

Family of

1                         2                     3                    4                         5                    6

$38,100            $43,550          $49,000        $54,400             $58,800         $63,150